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TCM Master Li Diangui: Purifying the internal environment of human body and the new concept of health

Time: 2023-03-08 10:03:08Views: Source: Original

On the morning of June 1, Li Diangui, Master of Traditional Chinese Medicine, delivered a speech at Chinese Medicine Health Forum of the second Global Health Forum of the Boao Forum for Asia.

健康 | 国医大师李佃贵:净化人体内环境与新健康观

Li Diangui, Master of Traditional Chinese Medicine

Li Diangui said that the World Health Organization organized a global medical discussion at the end of the 20th century and concluded that the best medicine is not the medicine that cures diseases, but the medicine that keeps people from getting sick. The medicine in 21st century should not continue to focus on the study of diseases, but on the study of human health. The purpose of contemporary medicine is shifted from curing disease and the infinite pursuit of high technology to prevention-oriented, disease prevention, health maintenance and injury prevention medicine. The standard and goal of contemporary medicine is, in the final analysis, the three words in the Yellow Emperor's Classic of Internal Medicine: "preventive treatment of disease", which includes three aspects: first, preventing the disease, second, stopping the progress of disease, and third, preventing the recurrence after recovery.


Li Tuangui said with concern that with the rise of industrial civilization and urban development in recent times, human beings have produced enormous wealth while also discharging billions of tons of exhaust gas and waste into the air and the earth. The ecological environment has been seriously polluted, and the air is no longer clean. Food pollution, air pollution, water pollution, excessive blood lipids, excessive blood sugar, excessive heavy metals, excessive uric acid, etc., the human body is gradually becoming a "toxic garbage can" produced by the times. How to remove toxins and purify the internal environment of human body is an important medical issue that needs to be solved urgently, and it is also an important social issue and the key to preventing chronic diseases and maintaining health. The core connotation of "preventive treatment of disease" now should be preventing the disease before it happens, stopping the progress of disease, and preventing the recurrence after recovery, so as to purify the internal environment of the human sbody by eliminating the toxins in the body.