Global Health Forum of Boao Forum for Asia

The Innovation Center for Health Communication is committed to promoting health communication, facilitating the high-quality development of the health industry and improving the national health level, and aims to build a health communication platform for health enterprises from home and abroad by bringing together the world's best media opinion leaders, experts and scholars, government officials and elites from all walks of life, so that government policies and information can be quickly and accurately conveyed, the advice and recommendations of experts can be quickly and accurately disseminated, and the advanced technology and market information of enterprises can be spread rapidly to meet the needs of all parties for health information and health communication.


3. Demand Analysis


As a platform for exchange and dialogue between government, business, industry, academia and research and under the overall framework of the Global Health Forum, the Innovation Center will carry out activities and cooperation around several directions for the following clients:



4. Advantages of Resource


Relying on the platform and rich resources of GHF, the Innovation Center has advantages in the following six aspects:



5. Scope of Services


Focusing on health communication, the Innovation Center will provide professional planning and consulting services for the important participants of GHF, in order to foster the development of health industry in China.