Global Health Forum of Boao Forum for Asia
Health Insurance and Health Management
Health Insurance and Health Management

1. Overview


Commercial health insurance ushers in development opportunities


As the economy is continuing to grow, the living standards are rising steadily and the aging population are increasing rapidly,  the demand for medical and health care is greatly stimulated in the whole society, which results in an annual growth of total health costs at a rate of more than 10% in China. The basic medical insurance payment system can no longer meet the diversified health needs. In order to make full use of limited resources to obtain greater health benefits, the central and local governments have introduced a number of policies on the reform of medical care, medical insurance and pharmaceutical industry, and the trend of differentiated development between the universal basic medical and health insurance system and the commercial health insurance system to meet diversified needs has gradually emerged. As an important supplement to the basic medical insurance and to meet the diversified healthcare needs of the public, commercial health insurance will have an unprecedented opportunity for innovation and development.


In a series of documents such as "Healthy China 2030" Blueprint and "Deepening the Reform of the Medical Security System", the State Council has stressed the requirements of promoting the development of commercial health insurance and of a multi-level medical security system to reshape the development trend of commercial health insurance. Medical science and technology innovation achievements provide strong support for breaking through the bottleneck of commercial health insurance development. International experience shows that commercial health insurance plays an important role in the universal medical security system; commercial health insurance should be actively involved in public health insurance; the layout and integration of the big health industry can be achieved through cross-border investment and strategic cooperation; insurance companies should provide comprehensive health services for customers with the business philosophy of health promotion, and commercial health insurance needs to integrate with health care.


Effective integration of commercial health insurance and health management is the key


In recent years, the disease spectrum of Chinese residents has changed greatly, and chronic diseases caused by unhealthy lifestyles have become the most important disease burden. As an important intervention tool, health management is highly effective at input and output. The establishment of an innovative mechanism of "health insurance + health management" driven by commercial health insurance has become the future development direction, which will greatly facilitate the shift from disease-centered to health-centered. On the one hand, it will provide healthy life services for healthy people, such as health check-ups, health consultation, health promotion and disease prevention, so as to develop a healthy lifestyle and improve health. On the other hand, it will provide chronic disease management, medical services and rehabilitation services for the sick, so as to control disease development, improve treatment effect, shorten disease duration, promote rehabilitation and improve the quality of life.


Establishing "Innovation Center for Health Insurance and Health Management"


The Global Health Forum (GHF) of Boao Forum for Asia aims to build a platform for exchange between government, business, industry, academia and research, and promote the development of international health, with rich resources of close connection with government, finance and insurance, pharmaceutical industry and experts and scholars, as well as the advantages of serving cross-border cooperation among all parties. In order to respond to the current development hotspots in China's health field, to accelerate the transformation from medical-centered to health-centered, and to work out the solution to breaking through the bottleneck of the integration and coordinated development of commercial insurance and health management, Global Health Forum has established the " Innovation Center for Health Insurance and Health Management ". Focusing on policy discussion, strategic analysis, government-enterprise interaction, professional communication between commercial insurance and medicine, medical equipment and health management, the Innovation Center strives for exploring new models of supply and demand for big health, launching specific projects and activities, and establishing horizontal collaboration and communication with innovation centers in other fields.


2. Mission and Vision


A mission


To research and promote the integration and innovative development of health insurance and health management in building a healthy China; to provide policy interpretation and build government-enterprise cooperation, and exchange and cooperation between the insurance industry and the health field; to enhance the multiple social roles of health insurance enterprises, medical and pharmaceutical enterprises and health management enterprises in health management and health promotion; to meet the diversified healthcare needs of different people, and to improve the national health.


Six directions


As a platform for integration of government, business, industry, academia and research and under the overall framework of Global Health Forum, the Center carries out activities and cooperation around six core directions:

Innovation Center for Health Insurance and Health Management(图1)

3. Areas of focus


Six categories


The innovation and cooperation of the new health management ecology is especially important around the two systems of healthcare and commercial health insurance and combined with the synergistic relationship between social security and medical insurance. For the core areas, the Innovation Center will carry out exploration and practice around the following categories:

Innovation Center for Health Insurance and Health Management(图2)

Relying on the "Expert Committee on Health and Sustainable Development" under the Organizing Committee of Global Health Forum (GHF) of Boao Forum for Asia, and as the first professional innovation center of GHF, the "Innovation Center for Health Insurance and Health Management" actively implements the action plan of GHF in health insurance and health management, and give full play to the high-end resources from the government, business, industry, academia and research to ensure the high quality of the activities.


4. Organizational Structure

Health Insurance and Health Management(图3)

5. Core members 



Wang Yu

Expert Consultant of Global Health Forum of Boao Forum for Asia

Director of Innovation Center for Health Insurance and Health Management


Former Director of Chinese Center for Disease Control and Prevention. Dr. Wang Yu received his M.D. degree from Peking Medical University and his Ph.D. degree from Jichi Medical School, Japan. He has served as Director of Institute of Hepatology, Peking Medical University, Vice President of Peking Medical University, Deputy Director of Medical College of Peking University, Deputy Director of Chinese Center for  Biomedical Engineering Development, Ministry of Science and Technology, and Deputy Director General of Department of Rural and Social DevelopmentMinistry of Science and Technology. He has won the First Prize and Special Prize of the State Science and Technology Advancement Award. He was awarded the National Outstanding Young Scientists Fund, the Special Allowance of the State Council, and the Honorary Title of Advanced Individual in National Health Aid to Tibet by the Ministry of Health.


Zhu Junsheng

Global Health Forum of Boao Forum for Asia

Chief Consultant of Innovation Center for Health Insurance and Health Management


Dr. Zhu Junsheng received his PhD degree in Economics from Capital University of Economics and Business, and was a postdoctoral fellow in Applied Economics from Peking University, and Visiting Scholar from Michigan State University, USA. He is currently the Research Director of China Insurance and Pension Research Center,  PBC School of Finance, Tsinghua University. He served as the deputy director, professor and PhD supervisor of the Insurance Research Office of the Institute of Finance of the Development Research Center of the State Council. He was a professor, PhD supervisor, a member of the Party Committee and Vice Dean of the School of Labor Economics at Capital University of Economics and Business. He is also a deputy director of the Health Protection Branch of China International Exchange and Promotion Association for Medical and Healthcare, a member of the Expert Committee of China Center for Insurance and Social Security Research of Peking University, and a honorary research fellow of China Academy of Labor and Social Security of the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security.



Si Xinli

Global Health Forum of Boao Forum for Asia

Deputy Director of Innovation Center for Health Insurance and Health Management


Mr. Si Xin graduated from China Medical University, and currently is Vice President and Director of Shanghai Pilot Health Promotion Center. He is in charge of the registration of the Center, the establishment of the team, the expansion of partnership, the planning and implementation of business activities, and the establishment and maintenance of government and media relations. He has been engaged in health promotion public welfare work for 7 years and is active in the fields of health promotion in workplace, prevention and management of oncology and major chronic diseases. Prior to joining Shanghai Pilot Health Promotion Center, Mr. Si Xin spent 8 years in the pharmaceutical industry, working for Fortune 500 companies like Sanofi and Roche Pharmaceuticals, where he was recognized for developing and motivating results-driven teams of cross-functional medical affairs.


Dong Dong

Global Health Forum of Boao Forum for Asia

Deputy Director of Innovation Center for Health Insurance and Health Management


Graduated from Shanghai Jiaotong University, Mr. Dong Dong is currently the Chief Supervisor of Shanghai Pilot Health Promotion Center. He was the Chief Marketing Office for Asia Pacific region in a large international insurance company, responsible for the marketing department operations in China, Asia Pacific and Middle East, covering 10 countries in 3 regions. He worked as Executive Vice President of a health insurance innovation company, and is dedicated to the innovation of medical and health insurance, planning and implementing an integrated and innovative business model of service, cost control, drugs, claims + data. He has increased the capabilities of product innovation and operational management by the combination of medicine and insurance, service and cost control, and established comprehensive cooperation with major reinsurance, large life insurance and property insurance, Internet insurance, Internet platforms, and agency companies.