Global Health Forum of Boao Forum for Asia
Expert Committee Introduction

Introduction to Expert Committee on Health and Sustainable Development

The Expert Committee on Health and Sustainable Development of Global Health Forum of the Boao Forum for Asia is an important strategic and academic think-tank platform approved by Secretariat of BFA, and is dedicated to promoting and deepening regional cooperation and global development in health sector.

I. Mission

Experts and scholars, industry leaders and entrepreneurs in the field of health will be gathered together to provide intellectual support for Global Health Forum of Boao Forum for Asia, including policy discussions, strategic analysis and academic exchanges, so as to propose forward-looking and operable initiatives and solutions, build consensus, jointly promote in-depth exchanges and cooperation between government and business in health sector, and play a leading role in achieving the goals in the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development of United Nations.

II. Responsibilities

1. Put forward the constructive suggestions on top-level design, topic design, expert invitation and achievement output for the Global Health Forum of Boao Forum for Asia.

2. Draft and publish academic reports and post-conferenc achievement reports related to the Forum.

3. Focusing on the theme of the Forum, it will carry out research on health related program, assist the organizing committee in promoting the development of health industry and regional cooperation in China, lead and participate in scientific and technological innovation, mechanism innovation and business model innovation, and provide evaluation and consultation as advisors .


III. Structure

1. The Committee is consisted of experts in the field of public health, clinical medicine, health economy, health insurance, environmental health and social management, It shall appooint one chairman, several vice chairmen and committee members.

2. Committee members is appointed for a term of three years, and can be reappointed. 


IIII. Appointment Process

1.The experts of the committee shall be nominated by the organizing committee of the Forum.

2. Nominated experts shall submit a statement of approval and personal information, and the organizing committee will report to the secretariat for review and approval.

3. Upon the approval of the secretariat, the organizing committee will issue a letter of appointment.

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