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Zhu Junsheng: The integration and correlation of medicine, drugs and insurance allow commercial insurance to promote health-centeredness

Time: 2022-06-04 22:15:41Views: Source: Original


Zhu Junsheng, Chief Advisor of Health Insurance and Health Management Innovation Center of Global Health Forum of Boao Forum for Asia


At the sub-forum of Global Health Forum of Boao Forum for Asia on " Health in All Policies—Health Insurance for Health Management ", Zhu Junsheng said, "We still have room especially in how commercial health insurance better performs the function of health management, and the core of a healthy China is preventive treatment of diseases, which means to improve the level of health security. "


He said, commercial health insurance needs to perform the health management function, and thus the industry should carry out the reforms at least in two aspects: first, expand the full range of medical insurance. If the insurance is still based on critical illness coverage, the demand for health management, in fact, will not be very strong. Only the industry is increasingly focused on the operation of medical insurance, especially the long-term medical insurance, the value of health management will become more prominent.


China's commercial health insurance should play a greater role in the multi-level medical security system. The effect depends largely on the transformation of commercial health insurance, that is, whether it can change from economic compensation to risk reduction management, from the simple coverage of diseases to the promotion of prevention to serve the strategy of preventive treatment of diseases and health management, and from insurance guarantee to health protection.