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Wang Yitao: We hope to promote high-quality medicines in the world by jointly formulating international stardards with colleagues from home and abroad

Time: 2022-06-03 22:13:14Views: Source: Original


Wang Yitao, Director of the State Key Laboratory of Quality Research of Traditional Chinese Medicine, University of Macau


At  2nd conference of Global Health Forum of Boao Forum for Asia on " Health in All Policies—Traditional Chinese Medicines: Empowering Pandemic Control and Improving Health ", Wang Yitao talked about his three expectations in terms of  setting up a research and manufacturing platform for traditional Chinese medicine in Macau.


First, regarding the products, he hoped to further explore the research and development of high-quality products, and study the scientific basis, development, manufacturing and registration of products.


Secondly, in terms of  the industry, he hoped to establish a systematic quality assurance system for the whole industrial chain of cultivation, processing, manufacturing, circulation and clinical practice.


Third, from the perspective of the market, "Macao is a place where the East meets West. We are committed to the development of international standards, and hope to promote high-quality medicines in the world by jointly formulating international stardards with colleagues at home and abroad."