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Yang Weizhong: Everyone is both a builder and a beneficiary of a healthy China

Time: 2022-01-26 21:15:43Views: Source: Original


Yang Weizhong, Executive Dean of School of Population Medicine and Public Health, Peking Union Medical College

Yang Weizhong shared his views on the development of big health from the perspective of treatment and prevention. He said that the most concerned topic in the field of health is the relationship between treatment and prevention, and we are now achieving a great transformation from "treatment-centered" to "people's health-centered" in the new era.


On the future development trend of the big health, Yang Weizhong said, based on the trend of health, the whole society needs to participate in building a healthy China. Everyone is both a builder and a beneficiary of a healthy China. He hoped that everyone will actively participate in and contribute to the Global Health Forum!