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Wang Yu: Let the health management companies take care of your health management if you are not good at it

Time: 2022-01-28 21:14:37Views: Source: Original


Wang Yu, Expert Consultant of of Global Health Forum of Boao Forum for Asia


At the 2nd conference of Global Health Forum of Boao Forum for Asia on " Health in All Policies—Health Insurance for Health Management ", Wang Yu said, the results of global research over the past 40 years have found that due to various factors, most people are not able to manage their own health well and need help with it. Insurance companies can pay for such services provided by the health management companies for them.


If you are not good at managing your health, go to the insurance company to buy the services provided by the health management companies. The health management companies work on the health management of the population and will invest more when the overall cost of medical management is reduced, which will produce a virtuous circle, from which the government, health insurance foundation, insurance companies, individuals and the whole society can benefit. By this, the health conditions will be improved and the health cost will be reduced, so as that the society will be developed.


The relationship between basic social health insurance and supplementary commercial insurance has not been discussed in depth in China. AIA is doing stroke cases in Qingdao, and we hope to cooperate with local insurance companies to promote these cases together with the government. If AIA wants to do this, we are also happy to work closely with it in designing such a system, which is a great impetus to the whole country as well as a long-term effort in the future.