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Experts from the Global Health Forum suggest medical talents should go to grass-roots units in China

Time: 2019-06-12 19:45:22Views: Source: XINHUANET

In the face of the needs of China's health development, the main problem of China's physician team has changed from insufficient quantity to poor quality and unsatisfactory structure, and the next step should focus on strengthening the training of grassroots doctors and general practitioners and the construction of incentive mechanisms for them, so that more doctors are willing to go to the grassroots units...

At Global Health Forum of Boao Forum for Asia held in Qingdao from 10 to 12, building China's medical talent team became a hot topic of discussion among experts.

"The state has identified 859 training bases and 11,410 professional bases, and has trained nearly 500,000 people in total since 2014. We will continue to send doctors to areas in need at the county level and below to improve their medical standards." Zhang Caihong said.

Du Xueping, president of the General Practitioners Branch of Chinese Medical Doctor Association, and others suggested that, in addition to focusing on the training of doctors, more incentives should be adopted to provide a development platform for primary care doctors and general practitioners so that they are willing to go to the grassroots units.

Experts suggest that reform on the general practitioners team building and adopting should give more consideration to the interests of doctors. "General practitioners should have good treatment and a good platform, just like specialists. More should be done to create a sense of honor and pride in their profession and to help their future career development." Du Xueping said. (By Wen Jinghua, Tian Xiaohang, Su Wanming)