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The 2nd Global Health Forum of Boao Forum for Asia to be held in Qingdao in October

Time: 2020-06-02 18:55:56Views: Source: CCTV NEWS

The Boao Forum for Asia (BFA) held a virtual expert meeting today (on the 2nd) on the preparations for the 2nd Global Health Forum. More than 400 people attended the meeting, including experts in public health and related fields from many countries, international organizations, embassies and consulates in China, relevant government departments of the host country, Shandong and Qingdao municipal governments, experts and scholars in the field of health, representatives from industry enterprises and media.


Experts from different countries highly recognized the Chinese government for controlling the outbreak of Covid-19 in China within a short period of time, which bought time and provided experience for the global fight against the epidemic. At the same time, the Chinese government also actively supported the global fight against the epidemic, demonstrating its responsibility and commitment by not only sharing information and experience in a timely manner, but also providing material assistance and sending medical expert teams to countries and regions in need.


Experts generally agreed that sharing information and experience and coordinating across borders and regions are essential in the fight against the Covid-19 epidemic. The World Health Organization has done a great deal to this end, playing a full role in coordinating the global response. Although countries have different systems and cultures, and the process of epidemic development and spread is not exactly the same, the basic rules of prevention and response to the outbreak of same infectious diseases are similar. The international community should learn from each other and follow the rules together in order to win the fight against the epidemic.


The experts also said that at the current period when the Covid-19 epidemic is still spreading the world, the Global Health Forum can play an important role as a platform for global action against the epidemic. The second Conference should adjust the program and discussion topics in a timely manner based on the situation of the epidemic, and make relevant plans in ensuring the health of the participants, controlling the imported cases and preventing the recurrence of the epidemic.


Boao Forum for Asia launched the Global Health Forum in 2018 and held the first conference in Qingdao in June 2019, building a high-end platform for global political, business and academic circles to exchange and cooperate in the field of health and medical care, promoting the global health system and the development of health industry. The second Global Health Forum will be held in Qingdao, Shandong Province, China, from October 11-13, 2020. (By Wang Shantao, CCTV,)