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Smart Eco-Healthy City Innovation Committee - China Committee launched

Time: 2021-03-03 11:41:46Views: Source: Asian Correspondent

China Committee of the Smart Eco-Healthy City Innovation Committee, a multinational organization that aims to promote the construction of smart eco-healthy cities in China, was launched on March 3.


The Smart Eco-Healthy City Innovation Committee was initiated by the Organizing Committee of Global Health Forum (GHF) of Boao Forum for Asia and the Nippon Global Medical Organization to promote the integration and development of the health care industry and low-carbon technologies in China and Japan in response to the needs of the times and the market. Themed on "Human Health and Earth Health",  the Smart Eco-Healthy City Innovation Committee is committed to “connecting Japan's advanced medical resources, service system and decarbonization technology with China's huge market and strong demand, and to promote the results of Sino-Japanese cooperation for the benefit of Asian countries".


The "Smart Eco-Healthy City Innovation Committee" is composed of China Committee and Japan Committee.


The establishment of Smart Eco-Healthy Cities will provide an important platform for China and Japan to build mutually beneficial relations in the new era and strengthen medium- and long-term cooperation, and to create more opportunities for cooperation between governments and enterprises through its marketability. It is in the fundamental interests of the two peoples and can also promote exchanges and cooperation in the field of health in Asia and around the world.


The year 2021 marks the 20th anniversary of the Boao Forum for Asia, and the establishment of the Innovation Committee will continue, deepen and sublimate the spirit of Boao and give a new connotation to the health industry.


The membership of China Committee is now open for application, and includes three categories: Diamond Membership (limit to 5), Platinum Membership (limit to 30) and International Membership (limit to 100). The China Committee will match members with a full range of resources and services from high-end Japanese government and business, medical, health and investment, and provide a platform for cooperation in the construction of smart eco-healthy cities.


The Japan Committee will be launched in the near future.


For details of membership benefits and cooperation, please contact the Innovation Committee China Committee. (Email of China Committee:, Email of Japan Committee: