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Chinese Medicine Health Forum held

Time: 2021-06-01 23:48:50Views: Source: Qingdao Daily/Guanhai News

Qingdao Daily/Guanhai News—On the morning of June 1, Chinese Medicine Health Forum was held, co-hosted by the of Organizing Committee of Global Health Forum of Boao Forum for Asia, China Association for the Research and Promotion of Chinese Medicine and the Organizing Committee of Chinese Medicine Health Forum. Invited guests will share and discuss the development of the TCM industry with the theme of "Combine TCM and Western Medicine and Lead in Asia-Pacific health—Science and Technology Advance the TCM Industry”.

“博融中西医学 鳌首亚太健康——科技助力中医药产业”,中医药健康论坛开讲(图1)

The combination of Chinese and Western medicine is a major feature of China’s success in Covid-19 prevention and control, and Chinese medicine has played an active and effective role in the treatment. The previously issued Guideline on promoting the inheritance, innovation and development of traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) also clearly stated that "Chinese medicine is a great creation of the Chinese nation and a treasure of ancient Chinese science, which has made great contributions to the prosperity of the Chinese nation and has had a positive impact on the progress of world civilization".

“博融中西医学 鳌首亚太健康——科技助力中医药产业”,中医药健康论坛开讲(图2)

Gao Wu, CEO of China Association for the Research and Promotion of Chinese Medicine, delivered a speech at the forum. Hou Shengtian, Director of the Health Industry Research Center of the National Academy of Chinese Medicine Development and Strategy of Beijing University of Chinese Medicine, Li Diangui, Master of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Yu Mengsun, Academician of Chinese Academy of Engineering and Zhang Wenfang, Vice President of Moxibustion Association, China Association for the Promotion of Traditional Chinese Medicine, made keynote speeches. The forum also featured a panel discussion.