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Qingdao to occupy the new highland of big health industry: Chinese medicine features the first day of Boao time

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On the afternoon of June 1, the second Global Health Expo of Boao Forum for Asia opened in Qingdao Cosmopolitan Exposition. The opening ceremony was attended by nearly four hundred people, including representatives of international organizations and embassies in China, leaders of national ministries and other provincial and municipal delegations, representatives of exhibitors and from the press. On that day, the most popular word was "Chinese medicine", and the most popular places are about Chinese medicine. There were three TCM forums alone, focusing on topics such as "technology to boost the TCM industry", "bone and joint disease" and "new TCM", to discuss the future development trend of TCM, and many people came to the TCM experience hall.


Chinese medicine is the treasure of the Chinese nation, and the sudden outbreak of the new coronary pneumonia has made Chinese medicine "stand out" again. Taking this as an opportunity, Qingdao TCM will usher in a new "turning point" and occupy a new highland to promote the health cause in Qingdao.


New concept: Cure of a disease and preventive treatment of disease

With the theme of "Health for All", the highest level forum in China focuses on all aspects of human health, of which TCM is an indispensable part and is becoming more and more important.


Both the forum and the on-site treatment by experts in the TCM experience hall conveyed the concept of preventive treatment of disease.


The idea of treating diseases before they occur has long been recorded in our historical literature. For example, the famous doctor Bian Que once told King Wen of Wei that of the three docotor brothers in his family, he was the worst. His elder brother cured the disease before it started, and his second brother cured the disease at the very beginning. He cured the disease when it was very serious, piercing on the meridians, using needles to release blood, so that the critically ill patient was quickly cured, and he became well known for it.


At the TCM forum, different experts held the same view.


According to Yu Mengsun, academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, direct treatment of diseases can only involve the appearance of the human system, and it is impossible to really cure the disease from the root, and only by correcting the lack of its open orderliness can the human system gradually return from pathological homeostasis to physiological homeostasis, so as to get rid of the disease from the root and return to health.


The best medicine is not the medicine that cures diseases, but the medicine that keeps people from getting sick, and the medicine of the 21st century should not be the main research field of diseases, but the main research direction of medicine should be the health of human beings. The purpose of contemporary medicine should be adjusted from the infinite pursuit of high technology for the purpose of curing diseases to a greater focus on prevention, to the goal of preventing diseases, maintaining health and injury prevention medicine.


In the final analysis, it is the three words in the Yellow Emperor's Classic of Internal Medicine, which was written more than two thousand years ago in China - preventive treatment of disease. A good doctor treats the disease before but not after it occurs.


This is highly compatible with the national promotion of the transformation from "disease treatment as the center" to "people's health as the center". The "Healthy China Initiative 2030" makes healthy China as a strategy, continues to deepen the medical reform, solves the difficulties of the public to see a doctor and high cost, and at the same time, accelerate the tranformation from "treatment-centered" to "people's health-centered", and guarantee people’s health in an all-round way and throughout the lifecycle.


New model: when AI meets new Chinese medicine

In a prevention-oriented health concept, Chinese medicine is unique and highly respected for its natural concept of the unity of nature and man. The new industry and new mode are also the most important features of the TCM section of BFA Global Health Forum.


The new medical system guided by the concept of Chinese medicine diagnosis and treatment, based on anatomy, and reconstructed by integrating various kinds of medicine, confirms the scientific nature of Chinese medicine under the guidance of holistic view, breaks the existing diagnosis and treatment mode of dividing diseases by human body function and structure, and clarifies that various kinds of acupuncture methods are the first choice of effective methods for treating various chronic and difficult serious diseases. This forum will clarify the relationship between TCM meridians and anatomy based on fascial anatomy, molecular biology and other disciplines, and introduce the treatment plan of the new TCM treatment system for common diseases such as facial palsy, facial muscle spasm, migraine and frozen shoulder, and conduct cross-disciplinary integration to eliminate the fragmentation of Chinese and Western medical treatment concepts and methods.


The words "innovation" and "intelligence" collided with Chinese medicine in the expo venue, and new models and highlights were derived.


The mobile emergency AI Chinese medicine room surprised the audience. Using mechanical, electronic and network information technology, the application integration system following the traditional Chinese medicine theory can realize the mobile dispensing of Chinese medicine formula granules and medical services in "mobile", realizing the new model of modern human-centered sports medicine.


We will dig deeper into the value of Chinese medicine culture, show the frontier of Chinese medicine industry in the international platform, and promote the internationalization, popularization and life development of Chinese medicine. At the BFA Global Health Forum, a TCM experience hall is set up, and advanced TCM treatment equipment such as TCM meridian detector (TCM CT) and pulse simulation training system allow visitors from various countries to understand TCM, love TCM and use TCM in a multi-dimensional and in-depth way through experiences and learning, and send the strongest voice of TCM to the world of innovation based on tradition.


In recent years, under the new model, Chinese medicine has inherited the essence, kept innovation based on tradition, and achieved high-quality development. To the countries along the "Belt and Road", Qingdao has promoted the SCO Local Economic and Trade Demonstration Zone, set up a TCM exhibition hall in the "International Living Room", encouraged and supported TCM enterprises in the SCO Demonstration Zone to expand the international market, and promoted TCM products, technologies and services to go abroad,  so as to promote the international industrialization of Chinese medicine.


Qingdao has made every effort to build a new highland for Chinese medicine, and has built the Qingdao Academy of Chinese Medicine with Shandong University of Traditional Chinese Medicine, and the Institute of Chinese Medicine under the Academy has been inaugurated. Agreements have also been signed for the Qingdao Technical Cooperation Center with the Chinese Academy of Traditional Chinese Medicine and the affiliated Qingdao Hospital with Shandong University of Traditional Chinese Medicine.

New starting point: Qingdao has a solid foundation for developing Chinese medicine

In the session of TCM Health Forum, Gao Wu, CEO of China Association for the Research and Promotion of Chinese Medicine and President of the School of Pharmaceutical Business of Guangzhou University of Chinese Medicine, mentioned that developing TCM is both a national strategy and a major issue concerning human health.


At present, the country is improving the TCM think tank and TCM services, and strives to dedicate systematic TCM to the human needs as soon as possible. In addition, Gao Wu mentioned that it is destined for Global Health Forum of Boao Forum for Asia to be held in Qingdao, which has good health heritage and health foundation, and where the health industry have also flourished in recent years with the main health indicators reaching the average level of developed countries in the world.


In Qingdao, Chinese medicine features the Global Health Forum, and will play a leading role in the world health to achieve the goal of health for all.


As a coastal city, Qingdao has a charming and colorful seaside scenery and an advanced transportation network. Shanghai Cooperation Organization Qingdao Summit in June 2018 and the first Asia Global Health Forum of Boao Forum for Asia in June 2019 were both held in Qingdao. which made Qingdao win the reputation of a city suitable for high-level conferences with first-class services and facilities among the international leaders.


With the opportunity of international conferences, Qingdao stands at the forefront of high-level opening up to the world, and the cause of Chinese medicine has been developing rapidly. 2020 is the key year to win the victory of building a well-off society, and it is also the concluding year of the 13th Five-Year Plan for the development of Chinese medicine. Qingdao took the initiative to raise the political level, increase the overall promotion, accomplished the main objectives and tasks for the development of Chinese medicine "Thirteenth Five-Year Plan". Among the 10 major indicators notified by the state and province, the number of TCM hospitals and the number of TCM hospital beds in Qingdao ranked the top in the province. The number of Chinese medicine hospitals in the city increased to 46, ranking first in 16 cities in the province. 155 TCM clinics and 61 high-level TCM clinics were built, 他开taking the leading position in the province.


In the prevention and control of the epidemic, Qingdao gave full play to the advantages of combining Chinese and Western medicine, and made remarkable progress in the prevention and control of New Coronary Pneumonia. Qingdao has established a collaborative work management system between Chinese and Western medicine to achieve the complementary advantages of Chinese and Western medicine, and used the advantages of both Chinese and Western medicine in prevention and control of the epidemic. The utilization rate of TCM in the treatment of patients is 100%, and the cure rate of TCM is 98.8%.


At the same time, Qingdao actively carries out the reform of medical insurance payment method for outpatient advantageous diseases of TCM to bring into the unique advantages of TCM. Qingdao Traditional Chinese Medicine Hospital and Qingdao Stomatological Hospital have innovatively included outpatient TCM advantageous diseases into the scope of coordinated payment and managed by disease settlement or day ward, raising the settlement standard, and the State Administration of Traditional Chinese Medicine has promoted this as typical example to the whole country.


New highland: Qingdao ushers in development opportunities

The flourishing development of Qingdao's health care cause and industry is the backbone of Qingdao to host the Global Health Forum for two consecutive sessions. During the "13th Five-Year Plan" period, Qingdao actively promoted the construction of Healthy Qingdao, and the health level of urban and rural residents continued to improve. In 2019, the city's maternal mortality rate was 7.22/100,000, and infant mortality rate was less than 2 per 1,000. life expectancy per capita was 81.43 years, and the main health indicators reached the average level of developed countries in the world.


On the first day of the Boao Forum Conference, the International Procurement and Global Health Data Center project was signed in Qingdao, which will strengthen the sharing of global procurement and global health data information resources in the future, and focusing on the health industry, Chinese medicine will moves towards systematic development with "high technology".


In order to develop Chinese medicine, the expo set up an exhibition area of Chinese medicine innovation and technology achievements. The exhibition area covers an area of 970 square meters, and is divided into a preamble "the long history of Chinese medicine" and six exhibition halls: Chinese medicine in the past 100 years, Chinese medicine as a national strategy, heritage innovation and development achievements of Chinese medicine, the contribution of Chinese medicine in the fight against the new coronary pneumonia epidemic, Chinese medicine is a way of life and Chinese medicine goes global.


With the help of the Global Health Forum, Qingdao's TCM cause has been ushered in a development opportunity. At present, Qingdao is establishing a project bank of TCM industry, and 56 projects have been included in the city's medical and health industry special categories to be promoted. Taking advantage of the long and strong integration of TCM industry chain, Qingdao is implementing the strategy of "TCM+". Based on the advantages of marine industry, Qingdao promotes "TCM + Marine", implement the development plan of "Blue Medicine Library", and the team of academician Guan Huashi, together with Tsingtao Beer Group, has developed the first marine herbal health drink in China; Qingdao promotes "TCM + Elderly", and introduces Nation 4 large-scale recreation and nursing construction projects such as Qingdao Guojin TCM nursing home, with a total investment of 3.24 billion yuan; Qingdao promotes "TCM+Agriculture", "TCM+Tourism ", "TCM + internationalization", "TCM + poverty alleviation" and other industries, and strives to promote the modernization and industrialization of TCM, to achieve new results in poverty alleviation.


Not long ago, the Municipal Health Commission launched the "Electronic Map of TCM Special Services". This electronic map brings together 172 medical institutions with outstanding TCM features in Qingdao. In addition to basic information such as address, telephone number and route, the detailed introduction also provides information on each medical institution's TCM medical quality and reputation grade, TCM key disciplines, specialized outpatient clinics, TCM pregnancy and nurturing guidance clinics, TCM in-hospital preparation and other special services.


Resources are one of the bases for sustainable development. Only by gathering high quality and high-end TCM resources can the service capacity of TCM be improved comprehensively. Qingdao is implementing the supply-side reform of high-quality and high-end TCM resources, striving to build a "new highland" for TCM, and continuously improving the service capacity of TCM for the people.


In the future, Qingdao will once again take the opportunity of Boao Forum to build the "new highland" of Chinese medicine cause and achieve significant development again.