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AI medical care at the Global Health Expo of Boao Forum for Asia

Time: 2021-06-02 16:14:36Views: Source: QLFZ365.CN

博鳌探馆 构建大健康蓝图 “智慧医疗”让看病更简单(图1)

Niu Haitao, vice president of the Affiliated Hospital of Qingdao University, uses the "AI Hand" robot for remote surgery

On June 2, the second day of Global Health Expo of the Boao Forum for Asia, the journalist visited the expo and found the expo was featured with the elements of "AI medical care" and "Internet medical care" which attracted wide attention.


The "AI Hand" robot does surgery remotely, the " ICU in the Air " emergency medical rescue, the "Emergency AI Chinese Medicine Room" which can dispense 6 boxes of medicine in 3 to 5 minutes, Chinese medicine diagnostics with AI techinology… The expo gathered well-known enterprises in the field of medical and health care at home and abroad and in Shandong Province, bringing together the most advanced medical and health care products today, and showing the promising prospect of "AI medical care".


Remote surgery performed for patients 3,000 kilometers away, displays AI medical care in China


"How many cases of this 5G remote robotic laparoscopic surgery have been performed?"


"36 cases. The patients have recovered well after surgery and their quality of life has been greatly improved."


This conversation took place at the Wego Surgical Robot exhibit in the Shandong Hall. Margaret Chan, president of Global Health Forum of Boao Forum for Asia, asked the question to Niu Haitao, vice president of the Affiliated Hospital of Qingdao University, who was operating the Wego "AI Hand" surgical robot, using mobile 5G technology to perform kidney surgery on a " lab pig" in the operating room of a hospital in Weihai, 300 kilometers away. Wego medical surgery robot group developed the first independent intellectual property rights of the gunscope surgery robot, which broke the foreign technology monopoly and achieved a new breakthrough in the field of high-end medical equipment.


According to Niu Haitao, the Affiliated Hospital of Qingdao University is one of the few hospitals in Shandong and even in the country that can carry out 5G remote surgery, and he had used the surgical robot to successfully perform tumor resection for a patient with advanced bladder cancer in Guizhou, 3,000 kilometers away, in 2019, which also increased his confidence in research and development, trials and promotion with his team. He introduced that the application of the remote surgical robot is in the clinical trial stage, and of the 50 patients included in the plan in the early stage, 36 surgeries have been completed with good results. The introduction of the surgical robot will not only save the time of doctors and patients, but also reduce the cost of surgery for patients, and more importantly, it will greatly solve the problem of uneven medical resources and so on. With the improvement of the function and the popularity of technology, seeing a famous doctor at home is no longer a dream.


Medical treatment with "high-tech" and "competition in innovation" will be a strong boost to the development of China's high-end medical equipment manufacturing industry, and empower "Made in China".


"ICU in the air" competes with time to save life, which is a new business card of "made in Qingdao"at the expo


In Shandong Hall, a yellow helicopter attracted many people to stop by. It’s learned that the H135 helicopter was produced at Airbus Helicopters Qingdao assembly line, which is no doubt "made in Qingdao". At present, this type of helicopter has been used in Qingdao emergency center to carry out aero-medical rescue first, completing 8 cases of aero-medical rescue, and set up an aerial life channel for treating patients in major traffic accidents or critical illnesses.

博鳌探馆 构建大健康蓝图 “智慧医疗”让看病更简单(图2)

Qingdao-made " ICU in the Air " H135 medical rescue helicopter

Li He, project manager of the marketing and sales department of Qingdao United Aviation Company, said that this kind of helicopter can carry two pilots and six passengers, equipped with defibrillation monitors, ventilators, stretchers, oxygen bottles, infusion pumps and other professional medical rescue equipment and facilities, and is literally an "ICU in the air". The medical rescue helicopter has the characteristics of high speed, high efficiency, flexible and less restricted by geographic space, and can easily land in a site with four parking spaces, which can buy time to achieve the "golden hour" rescue and effectively improve the rescue rate of patients. The Airbus H135 medical rescue helicopter at the expo accounts for more than a quarter of the global market share of medical rescue helicopters.


The Qingdao-made "ICU in the air" H135 medical rescue helicopter appeared at the expo, becoming a new business card of Qingdao in the national and even global health care field, which will strongly contribute to the construction of the national air medical rescue system and the development of big health industry.

博鳌探馆 构建大健康蓝图 “智慧医疗”让看病更简单(图3)

Emergency Chinese Medicine Room

The "Emergency AI Chinese Medicine Room" was unveiled to highlight the national treasure

In the General Hall, a "mobile emergency AI Chinese medicine room" that looks like a caravan is particularly eye-catching. From the appearance, the pharmacy is no different from a hospital rescue vehicle, but there is something special inside. The vehicle is full of more than 300 small round boxes on both sides, and the box is marked with the name of lily, mint, Huang Lian tablets, licorice and other Chinese medicine. In the front of the "pharmacy" is a console, where drugs can be quickly dispensed.

博鳌探馆 构建大健康蓝图 “智慧医疗”让看病更简单(图4)

The emergency AI Chinese medicine room is filled with all kinds of Chinese medicine

It is said that these boxes are filled with Chinese medicine particles, when there a doctor's prescription, you can quickly find the Chinese medicine, and complete the dispensing according to the formula on the operating table. The dose can be automatically converted, and finally a box of prescription drugs comes out and is automatically sealed. Medical staff can mix it with boiling water for patients, without decoction, which is very convenient and fast.


According to the staff, the "Chinese medicine room" has all kinds of the medicine, and can be operated independently with efficiency. This can be applied to earthquake relief, flood relief, charitable medical care in the countryside, field hospitals and other occasions. The vehicle has played an important role in the fight against the new coronavirus epidemic.

博鳌探馆 构建大健康蓝图 “智慧医疗”让看病更简单(图5)  

The audience are having an "Eagle Eye" medical examination

"Feel" by Pulse diagnosis equipment, "look" by ultra-clear camera, and "listen" by fiber-optic grating acoustic wave collection equipment, and “question” by the AI. This is the SinoSense AIt clinic system at the expo, which has the essence of the theory of "three parts and six diseases", combines modern information technology with many high-end sensory collection systems, and highly integrates modern technology with the diagnostic methods of "feeling the pulse, looking, listening and questioning" in Chinese medicine, so that the AI can also identify "coldness" and "heat", creating a convenient, efficient and autonomous health treatment ecological space. In just ten minutes, the system can generate an objective and accurate personal health status assessment report. It is reported that SinoSense g has reached cooperation intentions with national medical institutions in Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan and Uzbekistan.


"The revitalization and development of Chinese medicine has ushered in a great opportunity. The fight against the new coronary pneumonia has proved the positive role of TCM, which is also good to human health." Gao Wu, CEO of China Association for the Research and Promotion of Chinese Medicine, said in his speech at the sub-forum. The large proportion of the TCM exhibition area and several TCM development sub-forums show the important status of the traditional Chinese medicine as the national treasure. The integration of traditional Chinese medicine with "artificial intelligence" will certainly give Chinese medicine culture a new life and a global outlook.