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Hu Jianhua: Accelerate the integration of transportation and energy to achieve green and low-carbon development

Time: 2022-04-22 11:09:25Views: Source: Original

To address the challenge of global climate change, more than 130 countries and regions have set carbon neutrality goals, making green, low-carbon and sustainable development an international consensus. On April 20, a session, entitled “Promote Energy Integration & Build Green World” was held at the BFA Annual Conference 2022.


BFA Secretary-General Li Baodong delivered a speech online. Hailiang Song, Chairman and Party Secretary of China Energy Engineering Group Co., Ltd., Liu Jizhen, Director of State Key Laboratory of Alternate Electrical Power System with Renewable Energy Sources and Academician of Chinese Academy of Engineering, Xiang Haiping, Chief engineer of National Energy Administration, Hu Jianhua, President of China Merchants Group, and Pang Xiaogang, Executive Vice President of State Grid Corporation of China attended the session in person, and Ali Obaid Al Dhaherithe, Ambassador of the United Arab Emirates to China, and Joël RUET, President of the Bridge Tank attended the session online to discuss the development and future of the energy sector.


Hu Jianhua, President of China Merchants Group, stressed that the integrated development of energies is essential to achieve the goal of  carbon peak and carbon neutrality. The energy and green low-carbon technology revolution needs to promote synergies and complementarities of various energies, and in-depth international cooperation in energy integration development.



Hu Jianhua said that it is an important path of achieving green and low-carbon development to accelerate the integrated development of transportation and energy and to make efforts from the supply side and demand side. As a leading enterprise in the transportation and logistics industry, China Merchants Group, on the one hand, promotes its own business to achieve peak carbon dioxide emissions and carbon neutrality through carbon reduction from the source and in the process; on the other hand, it gives full play to the Group's influence in the industry chain and supply chain to help the society and the upstream and downstream of the industry to achieve carbon peaking and carbon neutrality goals. Firstly, we promote the construction of low-carbon green ports; secondly, we promote the innovation of green highways; thirdly, we promote the transformation of low-carbon shipping; fourthly, we promote the development of green and low-carbon industries through the operation and management of parks. By these initiatives, we aim to achieve the goals of green low-carbon and sustainable development.