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Strategic cooperation agreement signed between Global Health Forum of Boao Forum for Asia and Beijing Saibolan Health Technology Co.

Time: 2023-03-08 10:14:00Views: Source: Original

On April 24, 2020, Luo Xiaoqin, Deputy Director of the Organizing Committee of Global Health Forum (GHF) of Boao Forum for Asia Conference and President of Beijing Huaxia Hongli Health Technology and Research Co., Ltd. met with Wang Weijia, Executive Director and Editor-in-Chief, and Xiang Junjie, Deputy General Manager of Beijing Saibolan Health Technology Co.


A strategic cooperation agreement was signed at the meeting. The two sides exchanged views on the preparatory work of the core supporting activities of the second Global Health Expo of Boao Forum for Asia. Both sides agreed to carry on the preparatory work for the next step.


Xie Jingdan, Director of Business Cooperation Department and Gu Xiaoyan, Director of Public Relations Department of the Organizing Committee also attended the meeting.