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Global Health Forum of Boao Forum for Asia Holds Media Salon

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On December 10, 2021, Global Health Forum of Boao Forum for Asia held its first Media Salon focusing on the 3rd Global Health Forum and Expo under the theme of "How to Tell a Good Health Story and Make the Boao Voice of Health Heard". Luo Xiaoqin, Deputy Director of the Organizing Committee of Global Health Forum of Boao Forum for Asia, Yang Chao, Director of People's Health Policy Research, Zhao Yongsheng, Assistant Editor-in-Chief of People's Daily Health APP, Zhao Yuhan, Executive Director of Caixin Media, Li Da, Editor-in-Chief of First Health Report, Li Yan, Senior Communications Consultant of PR Newswire, Zhao Sha, Director of Media Development Department, Li Guangque Zhuoma, Editor of Media Salon, and Hou Wendi, Editor of Sohu Health were invited and participate in the discussion. Niu Lifang, Director of Brand Development Department of the Organizing Committee, hosted the salon.

Niu Lifang expressed her gratitude to all the attendees, then reviewed the first two forums and expos, and introduced the preliminary planning of the 3rd  Forum and Expo. The 3rd Forum will focus on the cooperation in global health in the new era, and have in-depth discussions on topics such as global collaborative governance, public health and epidemic prevention and control, economic recovery and inclusive development, environmental health, protection of vulnerable groups, and healthcare in the digital and internet field. She said that the conference has always been committed to promoting international cooperation and innovation in the field of health, and will adhere to the "3+365 days" service purpose, give full play to the characteristics of the integration of government, business, industry, academia and research resources, and continue to promote the international exchange and practical cooperation in the field of global public health.

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The attending media showed high recognition and appreciation for the planning of the Global Health Forum and Expo. Li Da, Editor-in-chief of First Health Report, firstly thanked for the invitation of the conference, and proposed to cooperate from the media perspective, expressing the media's good expectation for innovative cooperation and deep involvement in the conference.


Yang Chao, director of People's Health Policy Research, recognized the attributes of the comprehensive platform of the conference for politics, business, industry, academia and research, and proposed to establish a media committee to gather the advantages of the media and concerted efforts from the media think tank.

Zhao Yongsheng, Assistant Editor-in-Chief of People's Daily Health APP, said that the cooperation between media and the conference should not be limited to news coverage, but expand the cooperation, and make cooperation proposals for the 3rd  Forum.

Zhao Sha from Media Development Department of PR Newswire said that since the global outbreak of the COVID-19, public opinion platforms from home and abroad are increasingly concerned with the universal topic of "health" from different angles, according to the media data. She believed that the conference should respond to the demands of domestic and international enterprises and promote global communication and cooperation.

Li Guangzhuoma, editor of the media salon, had an in-depth exchange with the organizing committee on the integration of resources, talent training, public welfare projects and further expansion of the health business.

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On behalf of the Organizing Committee, Luo Xiaoqin, Deputy Director of the Organizing Committee, welcomed and thanked all the attendees from the media for their continuous support, and hoped to set up a win-win cooperation model with the media. She concluded that the forum was willing to work with media partners on "health consensus and health communication", center on public view, innovate cooperation ecological chain, integrate resources, integrate government policies and enterprise demands, produce more valuable and influential media content with media wisdom, to pave a new road of health media communication for the global health cause and cooperation in health industry. 

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