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Delegation from Huoshi Map visits the Organizing Committee of Global Health Forum of Boao Forum for Asia

Time: 2023-03-08 10:08:15Views: Source: Original

On September 7, Jin Xia, founder of Huoshi Map, and her delegation visited the organizing committee of Global Health Forum of Boao Forum for Asia (hereinafter referred to as "the Conference"). Luo Xiaoqin, Deputy Director of the Organizing Committee, welcomed them, and had an in-depth and friendly discussion on the theme of "Data Stimulate Innovation and Development in the Health Industry".


The Sustainable Development Department of the Organizing Committee introduced the background of Global Health Forum and the two conferences to Huoshi Map. Pan Zhihua, director of Huoshi Map Beijing Office, introduced the core products, business model, application scenarios and cooperation cases of Huoshi Map.


Jin Xia said, as a provider of data-driven industrial governance solutions, Huoshi Map independently developed three core products for governments and enterprises. For the government, it provides real-time dynamic and comprehensive monitoring of regional and global industrial data, and uses data analysis to discover industrial bottlenecks and development opportunities, so as to strengthen, complement, extend and build chains, and accelerate regional industrial clustering; for enterprises, based on data intelligence and collaborative networks to achieve accurate matching, Huoshi Map builds industrial Internet platforms to make it easier for enterprises to access innovation resources, thereby reduces costs and increases efficiency. She hoped to combine the platform's rich international resources and valuable local government resources to promote in-depth and practical exchanges and cooperation.


Deputy Director Luo Xiaoqin recoganized the practice of using big data and artificial intelligence in the biomedical industry by Huoshi Map. She believed that data-driven economic and industrial development is an inevitable trend in view of the digital transformation process in China and the practical needs of the modernization and development of the industrial chain. The conference is dedicated to providing local governments with top-level industrial design, technology innovation, resource integration and industry implementation services based on the construction of healthy cities before, during and after the conference. Based on regional development, the Conference will coordinate global health resources with the support of industrial data and facilitate the development of regional health industry.


Group photo of Luo Xiaoqin, deputy director of the Organizing Committee, and Jin Xia, founder of Huoshi Map.