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Adham Baba, Health Minister of Malaysia: Health requires joint efforts of the whole society

Time: 2023-03-08 10:07:11Views: Source: BFA


On the morning of June 2, Adham Baba, Health Minister of Malaysia, delivered a speech at the plenary of the second Global Health Forum of Boao Forum for Asia, themed on "Health in All Policies".


Adham Baba said, Covid-19 outbreak reminded Malaysia that health policies could not be carried out by the health department alone, but required the efforts of the entire population and the actions of the whole society to develop a detailed policy. In Malaysia, all departments of government work together, including the military, which coordinates and integrates security forces to guard and monitor outbreak areas. The Ministry of Public Health collaborates with the Ministry of Defense on the setting up of hospitals to fight against Covid-19; the Ministry of Hom Affairs ensures the safety of quarantined people, including foreign arrivals; the Ministry of Communication and Multi-media is responsible for conducting surveillance in order to cut the spread of fake news in Covid-19 and intensifying efficient and high-quality communication initiatives; and the Ministry of Housing and local governments are responsible for conducting public sanitation operation and decontamination measures, especially in outbreak areas.


Apart from this, in the efforts to increase Covid-19 vaccination, Malaysia join the efforts of all ministries to ensure that the national Covid-19 immunization program moves forward as scheduled. Up today, we have successfully vaccinated 2.9 million citizens.


Adham Baba said, Malaysia will continue to implement the concept of "health in all policies" and integrate it into various public policies. This is to accommodate the people’s needs, especially the needs of vulnerable groups such as women, children and the elderly. Our ultimate goal is to achieve "Health for All".