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Promote the Development of Health Insurance, Innovation and Integration in collaboration with Pfizer Investment Co., Ltd.

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On July 26, Luo Xiaoqin, Deputy Director of the Organizing Committee of Global Health Forum of Boao Forum for Asia (hereinafter referred to as "the Organizing Committee"), and Wang Yu, Expert Consultant of the Forum, visited Pfizer Investment Co. Ltd (hereinafter referred to as "Pfizer"), Zhang Jun, Director of Policy and Public Affairs of Pfizer, warmly welcomed them. The two sides reviewed the 2nd Global Health Forum (hereinafter referred to as "Conference") and held in-depth discussions on the future cooperation.


As a key partner of the Forum, Pfizer actively participated in the sub-forums "Innovation for Health—Healthcare Leaders Summit" and "Health in All Policies - Health Insurance for Health Management" of the 2nd Forum, where Pfizer shared its strategic layout and latest achievements in biomedical and healthcare fields with experts, scholars, opinion leaders and professional media at home and abroad.


During the meeting, Deputy Director Luo Xiaoqin thanked Pfizer for its support and trust for the first two conferences since 2019, and she said that the conference not only had a high political positioning, but also focused on strengthening international cooperation and cross-border exchanges, brought into play the expertise and innovative integration of the forum, took practical cooperation as the sustainable development goal of the forum, so as to build a broadly representative and authoritative internationalized platform for government, business, industry, academia and research and jointly promote the development of health industry with enterprises.


Professor Wang Yu said that the deepening reform of the medical and health system has made a huge demand for commercial health insurance in terms of universal coverage and diverse needs. As a supplement to medical insurance, commercial insurance could solve patients' payment problems as well as play a role in health management. This required the joint efforts of local governments, commercial insurance companies, health service companies and pharmaceutical companies to discuss how to implement the concept of health management, reach a consensus and attract widespread attention, so as to promote it in a long-term and sustainable manner.


Zhang Jun said that Pfizer highly recognized the positioning of combining politics, business and academia, and the international influence of the Forum, and was willing to establish a long-term partnership with the Forum. Currently, Pfizer is developing biopharmaceuticals and also focuses on the joint development with Chinese commercial health insurance, hoping to create a better business environment in terms of policy and public affairs. Pfizer is also striving for encouraging innovation, framing innovative concept, and promoting innovative products to enter the Chinese market. As a partner of the first two conferences, Pfizer hopes to carry out multi-dimensional and multi-format cooperation with the conference, and participate in discussions with experts from various industries on pharmaceuticals, medical devices and health insurance organized by the forum to promote cooperation, innovation and development.


Pan Jingyu from Central Government Affairs Department of Pfizer, Yuan Xiaoyuan from Public Affairs Department of Pfizer, Hu Mingna from Marketing Planning Department and Chen Peipei from Commercial Cooperation Department of the Organizing Committee attended the meeting.

全球健康论坛大会将携手辉瑞推动健康保险发展 促进创新融合发展(图1)

Luo Xiaoqin, Deputy Director of the Organizing Committee, presents the Innovation Partner Certificate to Pfizer Investment Co., Ltd.