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Boao Forum for Asia | Margaret Chan: Care is the top priority for old age

Time: 2019-03-28 20:41:30Views: Source: CCTV-NEWS


Boao Forum for Asia Annual Meeting 2019 is still ongoing today (March 27) in Boao, Hainan, during which the former Director-General of the World Health Organization, Margaret Chan, was exclusively interviewed by our reporter on elderly care in China. Margaret Chan said that China's ongoing elderly policy echoes with the development trend. Building a pipeline of talents and offering spiritual care for the elderly hold the key to achieving elderly services excellence.


Dr. Margaret Chan said, as what is learnt from Japan, Germany and other global aging countries, the prevailing lack of professional talents needs greater attention. In China's case, in addition to cultivating talents in this regard, the care of community service providers also matters.


Former Director-General of the World Health Organization Margaret Chan: Other countries' experience and practices can’t be replicated as each country is unique in history and culture etc. For China, what shall be put at the core of elderly care is to be careful and to build a pipeline of service providers who are not too old to serve in the community.


Margaret Chan said, she often visits elder care centers and finds that, although safe and professional services are available there, the elderly are not always happy because they yearn for spiritual companionship.

What matters is to spend time with the elderly, to sit down and talk with them, read a book, and have a walk with them.

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