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Sun Chunlan delivers a speech at the launch ceremony of Healthy China Initiative

Time: 2019-07-18 19:19:30Views: Source: Xinhua News Agency

Sun Chunlan, vice premier of the State Council and director of Healthy China Initiative Promotion Committee, stressed at the launch ceremony of Healthy China Initiative on the 18th that it is necessary to thoroughly implement the spirit of President Xi Jinping's important instructions on the construction of a healthy China, mobilize the strength of the whole society, strengthen health promotion and intervention, promote the concept of health work from the treatment of diseases to the people's health as the center, and continuously improve the health of the people.

Sun Chunlan pointed out that the implementation of health China action is an important task to implement the health China strategy, but also to practice our party's original mission of seeking happiness for the people and rejuvenation for the nation. We should change the concept, make joint efforts, focus on the implementation of the main factors affecting health, focus on key populations, adhere to the prevention-oriented principle, implement comprehensive prevention and control, and strive to make the people keep fit.

Sun Chunlan stressed that Healthy China Initiative is a system project that requires the joint efforts of the government, society, families and individuals. The government should improve the health service system, do a good job of chronic disease management and vaccination, give full play to the advantages of Chinese medicine to treat the disease, and provide a full range of health services for the people. Industry associations, schools, hospitals, enterprises and communities should carry out health science publicity, increase the supply of health products and services, organize mass sports and fitness activities, and create a good social environment. Family health is the basis for the health of all people, individuals are the first responsible for their own health, and neeed to develop a healthy lifestyle in line with the characteristics of the family and their own situation. All departments should pursue the objectives, combined with the implementation methods, and solidly promote the measures to take effect.