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The State Coucil’s Notice on National Day of Mourning

Time: 2020-04-03 18:00:26Views: Source: Chinese government website

To local governments of provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities directly under the central government, ministries and commissions of the State Council and agencies directly under the State Council


China will hold a national mourning on April 4, 2020 for martyrs who died in the fight against the novel coronavirus disease (COVID-19) outbreak and compatriots died of the disease, according to the State Council. During the commemoration, national flags will fly at half-mast across the country and in all Chinese embassies and consulates abroad, and public recreational activities will be suspended across the country. At 10:00 am April 4, Chinese people nationwide will observe three-minute silence to mourn for the deceased, while air raid sirens and horns of automobiles, trains and ships will wail in grief.


Please be informed that you will immediately implement the relevant requirements, in accordance with the provisions of the National Flag Law that in the places, institutions and units where the national flag should be raised, national flags should fly at half-mast on the day. The flag should be raised to the top of the pole, then lowered to 1/3 of the full length of the flagpole; when lowered, the flag should be raised to the top of the pole, then lowered.


General Office of the State Council

April 3, 2020