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Crisis is always an opportunity for innovators

Time: 2020-04-30 10:51:09Views: Source: People's Daily


Wang Qingxian

"Adversity" and "opportunity" are different sides of the same thing. What matters is who sees the future in the predicament first, who is willing to take the lead to change themselves to adapt to the future, and who is capable and ready to lead the future.


This meeting can bring together hundreds of thousands or millions of entrepreneurs at one time for communication, which is really the advantage of the Internet! Entrepreneurs are exchanging views online and discussing how to take up the responsibility of stabilizing the economy and promoting development together with the country. At this moment, we are all passionate and confident with hope.


To implement the important instructions of President Xi Jinping, Qingdao is fully committed to the strict implementation of “preventing inbound cases and domestic resurgences” measures. At the same time, Qingdao has scientifically analyzed the new challenges and opportunities brought by the Covid-19 epidemic, and promoted the prevention and control of the epidemic along with the economic and social development work. Since the outbreak, Qingdao has introduced policies to help enterprises stabilize their workforce, increased financial support, and launched a number of initiatives such as a talent supply and demand matching platform to help enterprises resume work and production.


In the context of regular prevention and control of the epidemic, no matter cities, enterprises or individuals, are faced with the problem of how to seek opportunities in crisis and turn crisis into opportunity. A major crisis must contain a major opportunity, because major crisis must bring major changes, which is the opportunity of the latter. Therefore, "crisis" and "opportunity" are actually different sides of the same thing. The difference is that some people see the "crisis" and others see the "opportunity". The important thing is that whoever sees the future in the adversity first and whoever is willing to take the lead to change themselves to adapt to the future, whoever has the ability and are ready to lead the future.


During the SARS epidemic in 2003, people were afraid to go out on the street and started to try to buy things online, and the e-commerce platform ushered in a new opportunity for rapid development. Financial regulators issued the first third-party payment license for private enterprises in 2003. This is the policy dividend brought by the crisis. All those who seize the opportunity have the excellent endowment to adapt to that era and grasp the opportunities of the times.


Entrepreneurs always need two things, wisdom and courage. The absence of one of these two can not be an entrepreneur. Only by facing the reality, changing oneself, standing in the future to see today, and seizing the opportunity of creation in the grasp of changes, can we be reborn and improved under the crisis.


It is foreseeable that after this Covid-19 epidemic, many industrial rules, supply chains, market patterns and business models will be changed. Qingdao is very willing to work with more entrepreneurs to seize and create opportunities from the crisis and difficulties, and to turn pressure into motivation and crisis into opportunity.


Recently, new infrastructure has become a hot word. Qingdao takes new infrastructure construction as an important path and support to achieve its future development goals, and has sorted out a number of infrastructure construction investment projects for the next 5 to 10 years, which will be released to the world in batches.


What is new about the new infrastructure? The significance of new infrastructure lies not only in the value created by itself, but also in the fact that it is the foundation or platform for new industrial forms in the future. The greatest value of the new infrastructure lies in the empowerment of all industries. For most enterprises, it is not only necessary to focus on the new infrastructure itself, but also on how to make use of the new infrastructure to enable enterprises to acquire new dynamic energy, create new models and seize new opportunities.


--Wang Qingxian, member of the Standing Committee of Shandong Provincial Party Committee and Secretary of Qingdao Municipal Party Committee, said at an online meeting "Turning Crises into Opportunities - Qingdao and Enterprises Seek Joint Development" in Qingdao recently.


(Edited by Xu Jingeng)