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Ban Ki-moon: Time to take climate action

Time: 2022-04-21 10:15:36Views: Source:

On the evening of April 20, Ban Ki-moon, Chairman of the Board of Boao Forum for Asia, urged the international community to take immediate climate action in a keynote speech at the "Towards Carbon Neutrality: Governments on the Move" session of BFA annual conference 2022.


Ban Ki-moon noted that climate change is an important topic of Boao Forum for Asia. The current climate issue continues to pose a threat to the planet, and global efforts have been made, including the signing of the Paris Agreement and the 26th UN Climate Change Conference. However, there is far more than we can do. Countries need to continue to make more ambitious commitments and strengthen their green actions. The 27th UN Climate Change Conference, to be held in Egypt this year, will provide a good opportunity for countries to review their carbon reduction progress and present stronger, more ambitious plans. Despite the "weak pulse" of the 1.5°C warming target, there is still hope.


Climate justice is of crucial importance. It is unfair that developing countries are being hardest hit by the impacts of climate change, despite doing little to contribute. Developed countries have an obligation to provide financial and technical support for developing countries, including the $100 billion per year already committed. The United States is currently underfunding climate matters. Developed countries such as the EU, the US and Japan should firmly support developing countries, especially African countries and small island developing states, in taking climate action.


Addressing climate issues offers countries the opportunity to make a green transition. By the middle of this century, most countries in the world will be carbon-neutral, and the competitiveness of the industries and economies will depend largely on how green they are. Countries should therefore plan for a green transition as early as possible.