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Closed-door Seminar on New Trends in Medical and Health Care Reform and Payment Security

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On October 16, 2021, Global Health Forum of Boao Forum for Asia (BFA) held a closed-door seminar on "New Trends in Medical and Health Care Reform and Payment Security”, where the Innovation Center for Health Insurance and Health Management (hereinafter referred to as "Innovation Center") was officially launched. Xu Shuqiang, Director General of the Department of Institutional Reform of National Health Commission, Wang Yu, former Director-General of Chinese Center for Disease Control and Prevention and Zhu Junsheng, Chief Advisor of the Innovation Center for Health Insurance and Health Management and Research Director of China Insurance and Pension Research Center, Wudaokou School of Finance, Tsinghua University, delivered a speech at the seminar. More than 50 representatives from companies such as Amgen China, AstraZeneca, Boehringer Ingelheim, HSBC, Pfizer, Merck Sharp & Dohme, Midian Health, Ping An Health, Zhong An Insurance, Prudential, Johnson & Johnson China, Tengen Healthcare, Boston Consulting and others participated in the discussion. Dong Dong, Chief Supervisor of Shanghai Tuoxin Health Promotion Center, and Xia Xiaoyan, Managing Director and Global Partner of the Boston Consulting Group, hosted the seminar.


The seminar discussed and explored hot topics such as the general idea and highlights of current deepening medical reform, how to promote universal healthcare and measures, health management, deepening medical reform, cross-industry cooperation model and development direction of commercial health insurance.


In his speech, Prof. Wang Yu said that as the demand for healthcare is growing, in order to satisfy the medical demand, policy environment promotion and market conditions support are required to ensure sustainable supply and promote the transformation from treatment-centered to health management-centered. In this context, the Innovation Center for Health Insurance and Health Management under Global Health Forum of Boao Forum for Asia is launched. The Innovation Center will focus on policy discussion, strategic analysis, government-enterprise connection, professional communication between commercial insurance and medicine, medical equipment and health management, explore new models of supply and demand for big health, while carrying out specific city cooperation projects and special activities, and establishing cooperation and exchanges with innovation centers in other fields. He mentioned that the Innovation Center will start cooperation in Qingdao, Shandong Province to reduce the burden of stroke treatment, cooperate with Hainan Province in the elimination of liver disease and jointly promote the action plan of hepatitis elimination in Hainan Province, use this as a demonstration case to promote a wide range of pilot projects in cities with a high incidence of chronic disease mortality (such as cancer, stroke, heart disease, hepatitis, etc.), and work with local governments, medical institutions, health insurance, and health management to promote the construction of a healthy China and establish a new mechanism for long-term health management with the people's health as the core.


Director Xu Shuqiang explained the policy direction of China's current medical and health system reform. He stressed the importance of implementing President Xi's instructions, and suggested taking the direction and focus of deepening medical reform, making full use of high-quality medical resources, building a new system of medical and health services, and enhancing the systemic, holistic and synergistic nature of medical reform. At the local level, we should take into account the actual situation and speed up the formation of a new pattern of access to medical care and treatment. At the same time, as a new industry, the health industry should grasp the new opportunities brought by the healthy China initiative, to meet the health needs of the people, and play an important role in medical care in private sector.


Director Xu said that from the perspective of deepening medical reform, commercial health insurance has ushered in a "critical period" for development. To develop commercial health insurance and address health needs beyond basic medical insurance, it is necessary to explore the needs and feasibility of commercial health insurance for data connectivity and sharing, the mode of cooperation with hospitals, and the mechanism and path of optimizing health governance. Finally, he called on outstanding industry representatives to contribute to the construction of a healthy China, the reform of the medical and health system, and the health of the people.


Professor Zhu Junsheng believed that the multi-level medical security system provides room for the development of commercial health insurance, the development of health innovation industry urgently needs commercial health insurance to play a role in payment, and commercial health insurance should take up the responsibility of promoting the development of the industry. He said that there is still a long way to go for the high-quality development of commercial insurance, and the demands for critical illness insurance and medical insurance development have not been satisfied yet. At the same time, the needs for health management are considerable, and the deep integration of "medicine, drugs and insurance" will be the future development direction.


Prof. Wang Yu concluded that held in Qingdao, China for twice, Global Health Forum of Boao Forum for Asia has been - growing into a comprehensive international exchange platform for government, business, industry, academia and research, high-end dialogue and practical cooperation, and promotes the development of health industry at home and abroad. As the first innovation center in the professional field built within the framework of Global Health Forum, the center will actively implement the Forum's action plan in the direction of health insurance and health management in the future, and give full play to the Forum's advantage of integrating high-end resources from government, business, industry, academia and research to promote pragmatic cooperation in order to ensure the high quality of all events. In the end, Prof. Wang Yu expressed his sincere thanks to the representatives of enterprises and organizations who participated in this closed-door seminar, and hoped that all parties would continue to support the development of Global Health Forum. The third Global Health Forum is in preparation, and will continue to gather wisdom and consensus from all sides, so as to strengthen domestic and international exchanges and cooperation, and promote the development of the global health cause and industry.

This closed-door seminar held by GHF Organizing Committee aims to build a platform for in-depth communication between government and enterprises, focus on policy and market, and explore new ideas for high-quality development of health management.