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Expert Consulting Seminar on Frontier Issues of the 3rd GHF Held

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On January 6, 2022, Expert Consulting Seminar on Frontier Issues of the 3rd GHF was held. The seminar aimed to conduct further research on the theme of the 3rd Forum, and discover the health development trend in the new era.

Wang Yu, expert consultant of the forum; Zhu Junsheng, research director of China Insurance and Pension Research Center of Wudaokou School of Finance, Tsinghua University; Huang Yueqin, Director of the Division of Social Psychiatry and Behavioral Medicine of Peking University Sixth Hospital; Jiang Yongmao, Deputy Secretary-General of Chinese Medical Association; Li Xinhua, General Manager of People's Medical Publishing House; Yang Weizhong, Executive Dean of School of Population Medicine and Public Health of Peking Union Medical College; Ma Jixiang, Director of Shandong Center for Disease Control and Prevention; Wang Jianliu, Vice President of Peking University People's Hospital (Gynecologic Oncology), Wu Jing, Director of National Center for Chronic and Noncommunicable Disease Control and Prevention of China CDC, Xu Jiaqi, former Director of Center for Drug Evaluation, NMPA, Yang Huan, Clinical Medical Researcher (former Senior Reviewer) of Center for Drug Evaluation, NMPA, and Yang Yuexin, president of Chinese Nutrition Society, attended the seminar in person. Dr. Jay Rice, former Director of the US CDC's Immunization Services Division, Dr. Martin Murphy, founder of the Shanghai Tuoxin Health Promotion Center, Prof. Zheng Zhijie, Chief Representative of the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation Beijing Office, and Wang Yitao, Director of the State Key Laboratory of Chinese Medicine Quality Research at the University of Macau, and more than 20 experts and scholars attended the meeting online. Luo Xiaoqin, Deputy Director of the Organizing Committee of Global Health Forum of Boao Forum for Asia Conference, hosted the seminar.


Deputy Director Luo Xiaoqin introduced the first two conferences Global Health Forum of Boao Forum for Asia and Global Health Expo, as well as the preliminary plan and theme of the 3rd Forum and Expo. At last, she sincerely invited all the participants to the 3rd Global Health Forum and Expo.

Wang Yu, expert advisor of the Forum, introduced that the Expert Committee on Health and Sustainability was a professional advisory organization approved by the Boao Forum for Asia Secretariat. The Expert Committee would give full play to the role of expert think tank of Global Health Forum of Boao Forum for Asia and organize international topic activities and seminars, to strengthen communication between enterprises and governments, promote regional cooperation in Asia and global cooperation in the field of big health, and better promote the integration of academics and projects from a professional perspective.

Dr. Martin Murphy highly praised the contribution of the conference to the development of the global health sector. He believed that health was a common vision for people around the world, and the pandemic had improved the standardized deployment capability of countries to respond to major public health crisis. He hoped that the lessons learned from the pandemic would be studied and analyzed through the establishment of an information-sharing network and global epidemic database, as well as the establishment of an epidemic surveillance and early warning mechanism. Finally, he emphasized the importance of media influence and global cooperation and communication.

Dr. Jay Rice elaborated on the three points of "overseas vaccine capacity", "disease diagnosis" and "universal case management". He said, China's experience in vaccine distribution and vaccination provided a useful reference for the world, and health information technology should be developed to improve universal case management, which in turn could monitor the production and use of vaccines.

Prof. Zheng Zhijie believed that we should learn from the lessons of the epidemic to find solutions to the "global pandemic". He emphasized the importance of building a global cooperation system to jointly promote the construction of a community with a shared future. In addition, he said that the development of the global economy directly affected global health, including the toilet revolution, climate change, etc. He looked forward to further discussions and cooperation with the forum in these areas in the future.

Liu Yuanli, executive dean of School of Health Policy and Management of Peking Union Medical College, said that the 3rd Forum could address pressing issues in the field of global health, give full play to the think tank role of the expert committee, and issue a declaration or build consensus for the conference, and develop it into a regular pattern for the future conferences. He suggested that the third conference should focus on the innovation of technology and service models of "digital health" to help improve the universal health coverage.

Mr. Feng Zijian, Secretary General of Chinese Preventive Medicine Association, made three suggestions on the topics of the 3rd Forum, including "How the world will survive from the pandemic in 2022", "Regular projects of public health and disease prevention and control around the world". He also believed that building public health system was of great significance to the theme of "Health in All Policies".


Yang Yuexin, President of Chinese Nutrition Society, suggested that the key role of nutrition in maintaining health should being valued, and nutrition policy exchange and career development should be incorporated into the theme of "Health in All Policies". She said that we should pay attention to the important role of nutrition and diet in traditional culture, and promote Chinese traditional culture to the world.

Prof. Zhu Junsheng from Wudaokou School of Finance introduced that the hot topics of health insurance and health management in the 2nd forum had facilitated the projects jointly run by multiple parties after the conference, which not only reflected the current frontier of big health, but also interpreted the purpose of Boao Health Forum to promote practical cooperation.


The participants shared opinions and made suggestions on the topics of the 3rd Forum on digital health, medical resources, infectious diseases, primary healthcare capabilities, chronic diseases, tumor treatment, innovative drugs, climate change and health, public health system construction, mental health, healthy counties, traditional food culture, and health science. They all agreed that the forum, as a comprehensive and high-end international exchange platform combining government, business, industry, academia and research, with the theme of "Health beyond health in the year of sustainable development 2030". The theme should be designed based on a global perspective and in line with international standards, focusing on the synergistic development of the health industry in Asia and presenting the successful experience of the "Healthy China" initiative to the world in an international language.

The expert consulting seminar closely combined the hot topics of public health at home and abroad, gathered the insights of experts and scholars, and provided constructive suggestions for the 3rd Forum and Expo, which would promote the research on the theme of the 3rd Forum.