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Solemnly Declare

Time: 2022-09-01 15:27:01Views: Source:

In recent years, the number of forums and conferences containing the word "Boao" has been increasing. The outside world often questions whether these forums or conferences are organized by the Boao Forum for Asia. In view of this, the Boao Forum for Asia Secretariat hereby solemnly declares that: 


1. All the conferences hosted by Boao Forum for Asia will explicitly use the trademark "Boao Forum for Asia" or "BOAO FORUM FOR ASIA" (these trademarks have been issued by the State Administration for Industry and Commerce of the People's Republic of China. The conferences will be named as "Boao Forum for Asia, Boao Forum for Asia XX Conference or other events containing the words Boao Forum for Asia". Where the trademark and the naming method are not standardized, such as: "Boao Asia XX Forum", "XX Boao Forum" or any other form of forum or conference activities are not related to Boao Forum for Asia.


2. All kinds of forums or conferences held by Boao Forum for Asia will be published on the official website of Boao Forum for Asia.


3. The official abbreviation of "Boao Forum for Asia" is "BFA". Other terms like "Boao Forum" and "Asian Forum" are not related to Boao Forum for Asia.


Boao Forum for Asia Secretariat