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Sinosense Technology

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SUB-Forum Supporting Partner-Sinosense Technology

With the people's health as the center and the modernization of traditional Chinese medicine as the direction, Sinosense Technology Co., Ltd is a scientific and technological innovation-oriented enterprise that comprehensively inherits the excellent traditional culture of traditional Chinese medicine, independently innovates and develops in combination with the background of the times along with a whole industrial chain layout.


" Sinosense " makes full use of the power of emerging technologies, so as to integrate intelligent technologies into traditional Chinese medicine. Meanwhile, the company uses intelligent technology to integrate, innovate and disseminate Chinese medicine; Focusing on the intelligent medical treatment and remote diagnosis and treatment of traditional Chinese medicine, and taking into account the research and development of complete sets of intelligent equipment of traditional Chinese medicine, the production, intelligent planting and breeding of traditional Chinese medicine preparations, the company has built a sustainable development system of intelligent traditional Chinese medicine ecological supply chain, thus creating an innovative application platform of "traditional Chinese medicine + Internet of Things" comprehensive medical care services throughout the life cycle.